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Gov. Jerry Brown Helps Light State Menorah

Governor used oportunity to communicate state's shortage of renewable energy



    Gov. Jerry Brown Helps Light State Menorah
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    Gov. Jerry Brown is summoning the Hanukkah spirit in calling for more alternative energy.

    The Democratic governor participated Monday in the annual lighting of the Capitol menorah.

    The Jewish Festival of Lights commemorates the miracle of the menorah burning for eight days when there was enough oil to burn for just one.

    The 10-foot-tall menorah will be on the west steps of the Capitol through Hanukkah.

    Brown said it was appropriate for California to tackle "the whole idea that we're running out of oil."

    He says the "miracle" is not to find more oil, but to use the sun to light up homes and power vehicles so the nation can be less reliant on sending money "to some very dangerous characters who do not have our best interest at heart."

    In the past week, Brown appeared throughout California to advocate for better environmental practices. He attended a climate change conference in San Francisco Thursday, where he took aim at critics of climate change initiaves. The next day, he attended the dedication of a new solar firm in San Diego.