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Gov. Brown Pardons 79 Criminals

Seven have ties to San Diego County



    Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned 79 convicted criminals on Christmas Eve, seven of whom were sentenced in San Diego.

    All of the criminals were found to have lived an “honest and upright life” by an order from the state Superior Court. They all completed their sentences and have been released from custody for more than a decade without any criminal activity.

    The governor grants pardons to criminals who have applied for the pardon. It does not erase that person’s record of conviction, but it does allow them to buy firearms in most cases. It allows them to be considered for appointment as a county probation officer or state parole agent and also frees sex offenders of registering as such.

    Here are the people who were sentenced in San Diego:

    • Crystal Lynn Fimpel was sentenced in 1995 for possession of drugs. She served three years’ probation.
    • Charles Norfleet Hughes was sentenced in 1998 for possession of marijuana and served three years’ probation.
    • Silvester Jermaine Jackson was sentenced in 1993 for robbery and served two-and-a-half years, plus three years’ probation.
    • Lawrance L’Heureux was sentenced in 1987 for possession of narcotic. He served one year, nine months in prison and one year parole.
    • Brian Thomas McGlynn was sentenced in 1985 for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance for sale. He served three years’ probation.
    • Frank Morino was sentenced in 1954 for robbery. He served five years in prison and two years, eight months’ parole.
    • Michael Charles Renwick was sentenced in 1983 for possession of a narcotic for sale.

    Most of the people who were granted pardon had minor drug-related sentences.