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Golf Course Is New Home to Bobcat Family



    Golf Course Is New Home to Bobcat Family
    Paul Sisson/North County Times

    For about a week, four bobcats have been seen crouching and playing among piles of gravel and recyclables at Oceanside's Arrowood Golf Course.

    Workers are trying not to disturb the female and three kittens Joe Neri, golf course superintendent told our media partner the North County Times.

    "We're trying not to go over there too much," he said. "We're just trying to let them be."

    The bobcats have created a makeshift den between some large drainage pipes left behind after the course was built.

    Workers see the mother bringing rabbits or squirrels back to her den for the babies to eat.

    "It's been amazing to watch, but, like I said, we're trying not to cause problems for them," Neri said.

    The danger for golf course customers is low, according to Harry Morse with the California Department of Fish and Game. He told the North County Times that bobcats usually hunt at night and run from humans.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    "No one has ever been killed by a bobcat, and they are a very low-incident type of animal," Morse said.