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Gnats a Top Priority?



    Gnats a Top Priority?

    The grand jury says San Diego County should do something about pesky eye gnats.

    Residents of rural Jacumba and Fallbrook, Rainbow, Oceanside and Escondido have been swatting at eye gnats for years. The tiny flies are attracted to human and animal eyes.

    County officials say they haven't targeted gnats for eradication because they are only a nuisance, not a disease-carrier like mosquitoes.

    But Thursday's county grand jury report urges declaring gnats a priority and says the county should get rid of them. The panel also recommends any proposed facility that could create eye gnats should have an eradication plan when seeking county approval.

    It was determined gnats plaguing the Jacumba area were coming from a 450-acre organic spinach and lettuce farm.