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Giles: The Prenup Was Never Signed



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    The bitter civil trial between a former Padres outfielder, Brian Giles, and his ex-girlfriend continued on Wednesday. 

    Cheri Olvera is suing Giles for $10 million over alleged physical abuse. Giles denied the allegations and countersued, saying Olvera abused him.

    Olvera claims that the former Padre agreed to financially provide for her and her daughter.  On Wednesday in court, Giles took the stand and emphasized such an agreement was never made.
    The prosecution presented the couple’s unsigned prenuptial agreement and highlighted the section that said Giles would pay Olvera $80,000 for every year they lived together.

    “There was a prenuptial agreement that was never signed on her behalf. Or my behalf,” Giles said Wednesday. “We never came to an agreement, so there was never an agreement on it.”
    Giles claims conflict over the prenuptial agreement contributed to the end of their relationship. 
    The suit filed in November 2008 says that the couple maintained a “marriage-like relationship” from 2003 to April of 2008.  While Giles played for the Padres, the couple purchased a house in Del Mar with a groundskeeper, housekeeper, personal assistant and nanny.

    Olvera testified she had access to the couple’s joint bank account and “worked” for Giles. 
    “My job was to completely support him in every way,” she testified. “When he was playing he did not want to be bothered at all… Everyone knew you had to go through me first if you wanted to talk to him.”
    They had a joint bank account, lived together, and shared credit cards and cars. 

    Giles pointed out that he made all the payments for the credit cards and that the titles of all the cars were in his name. 

    “I paid for everything for the five years that we were together,” Giles said.
    The couple got engaged in 2005. Olvera's attorney said the marriage was called off because Giles refused to undergo counseling for abusing her. 

    The prenuptial agreement was never signed.
    Giles entered into a plea agreement in 2006 for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge involving Olvera at a Phoenix bar, according to court documents. The case was dropped in exchange for his completion of anger-management counseling.