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Gay Parents or Death? Famed Latino Singer Picks Death

A Mexican feminist singer makes controversial comments just days after Mexico City performs its first same-sex marriages.



    Gay Parents or Death? Famed Latino Singer Picks Death
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    Paquita la del Barrio

    She is a stout Mexican rancheras singer who belts out tales of being dumped and encourages women to stand up for themselves.

    Now Paquita la del Barrio, who has a big Los Angeles fan base, is standing against same-sex adoption, saying, "I'd rather see a kid die."

    The 62-year-old singer told Escandalo TV that, "It's not in my taste that a poor creature should be adopted by them."

    The shocked reporter asked her which would she prefer: That a child die of hunger in the streets and lonely, or two human beings give him love and food?

    Paquita responded: "That he die."

    She explained it's better if the child dies instead of that "lifestyle."

    Bienestar, a Los Angeles Latino community service and advocacy organization, is leading the charge against the vocalist. The group is demanding that homophobic attacks made by the popular singer stop. Group members are also asking for a balance of media coverage about the topics of same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by gay and lesbian parents.

    A news conference with leaders and members of the Latino and LGBT communities is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at Bienestar's Beverly Boulevard office, said Executive Director Oscar De La O.