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Gas Prices Make U-Turn at the Pump

Falling prices unusual for this time of year



    Gas Prices Make U-Turn at the Pump

    The price of gas is breaking with tradition.

    "Usually this time of year, we see gradual price increases with a few horrifying weekends of $.05 to $.06 hikes," said Charles Langley with the Utilities Consumers Action Network (UCAN.) 

    The oil industry watchdog says that's not happening right now.  "Oil prices have just belly-flopped," Langley said.

    Why the change?  Crude oil prices on the world market are dropping.  Supply is up in Southern California, and drivers are using less fuel.  Add it up, and it leads to falling prices at the gas pump.

    Gas Prices Actually Dropping?

    [DGO]Gas Prices Actually Dropping?
    In the month of April, where prices traditionally start climbing to a summer peak, UCAN's Charles Langley says the price at the pump is actually falling. NBC 7's ConsumerBob reports.
    (Published Monday, April 22, 2013)

    Abiade Short stopped by the Shell station in the Midway District. He says he knows how to bring prices down.

    "If I don't drive so much, or get a car that doesn't use much gas, that's the only thing I can do," Short said.

    Paul Ola says it's not easy to visit the gas station.

    "I probably don't fill up all the way," Ola said.  But he knows falling prices will make it easier to get around town.

    Charles Langley says he expects prices to keep falling slowly, unless there is a problem at the refinery.  "All it's going to take is a fire at a major refinery and prices will turn around," Langley said.

    Right now, prices are $.29 lower than they were on the same date in 2012.  Prices eventually hit a record $4.72 a gallon in October.