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Gardner Sentencing Moved



    Gardner Sentencing Moved

    Court officials said Tuesday that the murderer of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois will be sentenced much sooner than was originally scheduled

    John Gardner pleaded guilty earlier this month to killing the North County teens. On Tuesday, prosecutors announced he will now be sentenced on May 14, not June first as first scheduled.
    Also on Tuesday, the medical examiner's office announced that it would not release its reports on the murders of King and  Dubois.
    NBCSanDiego and other local media outlets asked for copies of the report, which contain the findings of the investigations, a summary of the autopsies and toxicology reports. Those documents are routinely available to any member of the public.
    A representative for the medical examiner's office, however, said the King and Dubois reports should remain secret because they are "investigative files." The county also claims that "public interest" -- and the families' privacy -- are better served by keeping the reports sealed.

    NBCSanDiego will appeal the medical examiner's decision.