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Fundraising for Five Children



    Fundraising for Five Children

    The District 66 Little League in Chula Vista is raising money for two boys and three daughters who lost their mother to swine flu.  Libia Nickerson died just before Thanksgiving.  Family members say she was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and later died from swine flu.

    The 35 year-old Spring Valley woman was supporting five kids ranging in ages from five to 21, as well as two grandchildren.   Her eldest daughter was devastated by her mom's death.  "we were very involved, all of us.  Very close and it's just changed our whole lifestyle.  It's changed all of us.  It's a big part of our life that's missing now," said Elena Denny, Nickerson's 21 year-old daughter.

    Elena and her two daughters now live with her boyfriend, while were siblings are now with their father and grandparents in El Cajon.  Kim Denny, Nickerson's relative and the treasurer of the District 66 Little League in Chula Vista, decided to hold a fundraiser for the children to help them through these difficult times.  "Five children lost their mom to swine flu. And we just really wanted to help out the kids," she said.

    At least fifty people attended the fundraiser at the Eastlake Tavern and Bowl Tuesday, buying raffle tickets and offering presents to the family.  If you are interested in donating to the family, visit the District 66 Little League website at