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Conviction Unfair: "Fugitive Mom"



    You may remember Susan Lefevre.  She made national headlines after escaping from prison more than 30 years ago, and then lived a double life in Carmel Valley.

    She's about to make national headlines again.

    Susan now goes by her middle name Marie and took her husband's last name "Walsh" when they married more than 20 years ago.

    Marie says her life as Susan Lefevre ended when she was 20 years old and escaped from a Michigan prison after being sentenced to two decades for drug dealing.

    'Fugitive Mom' Releases Memoir

    [DGO] 'Fugitive Mom' Releases Memoir
    Carmel Valley resident Marie Walsh, aka Susan Lefevre, is on a national book tour discussing her life as a fugitive and her re-arrest and early release.
    (Published Thursday, April 7, 2011)

    To this day she says her conviction was unfair and undeserved.

    "They found nothing on me, no money, no drugs.  They found nothing at my apartment,"Marie said at her Carmel Valley home.  "They found nothing incriminating, I wasn't even at the drug deal, I was in the parking lot."

    Marie says she was convicted because she was with her boyfriend when he sold some heroin to an undercover Michigan cop.

    After just a few months in prison, Marie hopped a 20 foot fence and escaped with help from her Grandfather Albert.

    Her mother gave her about "150 bucks" and she made her way to southern California where she eventually met her husband Alan and had three children who are now adults.

    In 2008, Marie's past came back to haunt her. 

    "I knew they were looking for me,"Marie told NBCSanDiego.

    Marie claims she tried to turn herself in several times but prosecutors wouldn't work out a deal.

    In May 2008, marshals arrested her at her home.   She was taken back to Michigan to serve out her 20 year sentence.

    But thanks to support from her family and friends, she was granted an early release in 2009.

    She went back to her normal life and refused to do any interviews with the media.

    She is now going on a national talk show circuit which includes an appearance on the Today Show this Friday to promote her new book "A Tale of Two Lives: The Susan Lefevre Fugitive Story".

    The book isn't just an autobiography, it's also a vehicle for Marie to point out what she calls "a corrupt prison system" in Michigan.

    "It's because the prison system is run to specifically churn people to keep them in the system it's like a big spider web, it's a very lucrative business, a lot of people make big money by people being in cages."

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