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Found Ring Sparks Search for Owner



    Found Ring Sparks Search for Owner
    Detectives won't say what the ring looks like but say it must have significant meaning to someone.

    It's a mystery: a lost ring with enough apparent value that the San Diego County Sheriff's Department is trying to find its owner. 

    An employee from a local business in San Marcos discovered the ring that, Det. Jeffrey Miller says appears to have "sentimental value."

    The employee---whose employer and identity are not being released---turned over the ring on July 5 after discovering it inside the business about one month ago.

    Now Sheriff's Deputies have the piece of jewelry. 

    They are being purposely vague and not giving out any details about the size or gem in the ring. They need the true owner to provide enough description in order hand it over.

    The ring was found in the 600-block of Rancho Santa Fe Road.

    If you think this found property is yours, you can call deputies at 760-510-5244.