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Forest Service Looks Into Station Fire Response

Residents called for investigation.



    Forest Service Looks Into Station Fire Response
    Kevin Munson, right, Brittany Fryer, second from right, Francesca Scott, left, and an unidentified firefighter watch as the Station fire burns in the hills above Acton, Calif. on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2009.(AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

    The US Forest Service is reviewing why firefighters initially scaled back efforts on the Station Fire.

    The decision comes after a report in the LA Times that detailed the initial response to the fire. The blaze burned 250 square miles on the edge of Los Angeles.

    Agency Chief Thomas Tidwell said the review will examine the way the Forest Service worked with other agencies and decisions that were made on how to fight the fire. The blaze destroyed 89 homes and caused the deaths of two firefighters.

    Residents have been calling for a federal probe into what they said was a poor initial response to the blaze.

    Los Angeles County Chief Deputy John Tripp says firefighters did the best they could without jeopardizing lives. But the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that the Forest Service underestimated the fire's strength and scaled back firefighting efforts the night before flames started raging out of control.