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Fletcher Wants City to Embrace Safe Transportation

Mayoral candidate's goal is to make San Diego the most bike friendly city



    Fletcher Wants City to Embrace Safe Transportation
    Neysa Greer
    Mayoral Candidate Nathan Fletcher greets a cyclist at the ceremony to unveil his bike plan Wednesday.

    A local lawmaker introduced a plan to make San Diego one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities on Wednesday.

    Mayoral candidate and Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher discussed  the plans to create better and safer access to cycling in America's Finest City.
    How will Fletcher fund it? Through city surplus.
    Mayor Jerry Sanders announced a $16.5 million surplus for San Diego, and Fletcher believes that money should go toward funding city infrastructure -- which includes bike paths.
    “We have beautiful views and it makes us an ideal place to cycle," Fletcher said. "Our canyons provide fun and challenging mountain biking trails, and [we have] beautiful routes for road biking... There’s nothing more fun than going out and enjoying San Diego’s wonderful city."
    His plan involves increasing the number of San Diegans who want to commute by cycle by 65,000 and bringing the number of collisions involving fatalities and bicyclist below the national average by 2020.
    San Diego has nearly 510 miles of bike paths, lanes, and routes -- but that's not enough, Fletcher said.
    The Alliance for Biking & Walking has ranked San Diego at no. 23 out of 51 of largest cities for biking.
    "What is extraordinary to me is that San Diego has a pretty ideal climate for biking and walking," said Jeff Miller, president of the ABW.
    The number of San Diegans biking to work has increased during the last 10 years, but compared to other cities throughout the country it is lacking in plans and protected bike lanes, according to ABW.
    If elected, Fletcher said he plans to make biking safer, create more recreational cycling opportunities and complete cycling infrastructure so that people can take advantaging of riding in their neighborhoods on a bike as easily as in a car.
    The plan calls for San Diego to partner with Metropolitan Transit System to secure the land necessary to build new bike and pedestrian pathways.
    Fletcher said the plan would also work with the San Diego Police Department to provide driver education courses to enhance driver awareness.

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