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Fletcher, DeMaio Release Tax Returns

Mayoral Candidates highlight "transparency" by making tax returns public



    Fletcher, DeMaio Release Tax Returns

    Two of the four major candidates released their tax returns to the public, and touted initiatives to 'open up' city government to more public scrutiny.

    Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher announced Thursday that he would make his returns public and gave his opponents 24 hours to do the same.

    "The only reason you know how much I have to disclose is because I'm willing to open it up and show people," Fletcher said. "And this shouldn't be a contentious issue. This should be an issue where there's an agreement across all campaigns."

    So far, nothing nefarious 'jumps out' of Fletcher's documents.

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    Councilman Carl DeMaio invited reporters to check out his from last year, so Fletcher followed suit.

    A broad-brush look at the returns revealed that both had "taxable incomes" of under six figures, with DeMaio's amounting to around two-thirds of what Fletcher and his wife Mindy reported for 2009.

    After losses, deductions, itemized expenditures and exemptions, their tax liabilities came to roughly 20 percent.

    DeMaio's city disclosure forms show nine stock accounts of between 100,000 and a million dollars, and two rental homes valued in the same range. He was not phased by Fletcher's challenge.

    "I think the public understands the difference between political stunts and genuine and authentic commitment to reform," DeMaio said.

    And, some reproach came from another quarter, as District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced she'll share her returns.

    "Transparency a new concept to Fletcher", said her news release. "Another one of his last minute conversions."

    We haven't heard back from Congressman Bob Filner.

    To hear what the candidates have to say about other budgetary issues, watch our upcoming mayoral debate live on April 23 at 6 p.m.

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