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Flag Raising Controversy

Minutemen plan to raise flag on the US-Mexico border in honor of 911



    Hundreds of minutemen are heading to Camp Vigilance in Boulevard this weekend for a special ceremony.  Partly to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the border watch group, Minuteman Corps of California. But also to commemorate 911, by erecting a 30 foot pole with an American flag on the US-Mexico border.

    "We're doing this to honor our fallen heroes, men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and the folks who died on 911,"said Minuteman Carl Braun.

    But some immigrant rights activists believe the minutemen have an ulterior motive for the 911 flag raising.

    "They're taking advantage of a moment to try to promote their cause, and the cause of the minuteman is a cause of hate," said Border Angels President Enrique Morones.

    Flag Raising Controversy

    [DGO] Flag Raising Controversy
    Minutemen plan to raise flag on the USMexico border in honor of 911.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010)

    Braun said the minutemen do not preach hate, but there is another reason why the flag is being placed right on the border.
    "We're putting it there to symbolize this is ours and that is yours," Braun said.

    When the flag is raised on private property, San Diego Sheriff's deputies will also be there to make sure it is a peaceful event.

    "Obviously the biggest fear is that there might be counter protesters, there could be some sort of civil unrest, so we do have a contingent plan in place if that does happen," said Sheriff's spokesperson Jan Caldwell.