Firefighters Hurt in Drunk Driving Crash: CHP - NBC 7 San Diego

Firefighters Hurt in Drunk Driving Crash: CHP



    Firefighters Hurt in Drunk Driving Crash: CHP

    An alleged drunk driver and four firefighters suffered minor injuries when a car and a fire truck collided in eastern San Diego County.

    The crash happened Sunday morning on a two-lane road northeast of Alpine near the Viejas Casino, CHP Officer Brian Pennings said.

    25-year-old Yesenia Mitre exited the casino parking lot and pulled out in front of a speeding fire truck responding to a medical aid call, according to Pennings.

    The vehicles collided and the front axle of the fire rig was torn away. It continued out of control into a utility pole that fell into the street.

    Mitre, who suffered a broken wrist, will be arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving, Pennings said.

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