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Trapped Toddler Pulled From Pipe



    A 1-year old whose foot became stuck in a pipe cried so hard while he was being freed that he cried himself to sleep.

    The boy was playing in his front yard on Kelly Street in Linda Vista when his foot became stuck in a pipe sticking out of the ground. His right foot got lodged in the 6-inch PVC pipe used to pipe wastewater from the home.

    The boy’s grandmother was watching him while both of his parents were at work. She tried to get the child’s foot out with an aunt's help but when they realized they couldn’t free him, they called for help.

    Firefighters arrived and immediately got to work, digging a trench and removing a section of the pipe.  They cut the pipe in two locations which allowed them to lift the child out of the trench. They then pulled off the boy's shoe and removed his leg from the pipe.

    Toddler Rescued from Pipe: Raw Video

    [DGO] Toddler Rescued from Pipe: Raw Video
    A one-year old boy was stuck in a pipe for more than 20 minutes and cried himself to sleep before being rescued.
    (Published Tuesday, April 20, 2010)

    It  took about 15 minutes to get the boy free. "There was no need to rush," said Capt. Rocky Del Gadillo with San Diego Fire & Rescue. "We didn't want to cause any injury to the child." 

    Even so, the little boy cried so much after getting stuck that he cried himself to sleep, firefighters said.

    Firefighters said property owners should have the pipes closed or covered at all times. "It's a tempting hole for children to play in, to stick their hands and feet in there," said Del Gadillo.

    Emergency crews took the child to the hospital to have his foot checked but told reporters at the scene that it appears the boy will be okay.