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Firefighter Calls Firefighters



    Firefighter Calls Firefighters
    Firefighters battle the flames on the roof of the home.

    It’s not often that a firefighter has to call firefighters out to a burning home.

    Dennis Clay was driving when he saw smoke coming from a home on San Bernardo Terrace in Valencia Park.

    "I called it in from in front of the house, and I had to wait for the fire engines and the truck to get here,” the firefighter said. “When I first got here, there was a relatively small fire in the garage that was starting to extend into the house.”

    The fire quickly spread and tore through the house where more than a dozen people lived. 

    “The damage to the house is pretty significant. My guess is that they’re pretty much going to have to rebuild,” Clay said.

    The firefighter said the occupants got out and got away from the house and there were no injuries.

    “I saw the occupant outside and he was just pretty much baffled, not knowing what to do at that point,” Clay said. “I think most people would be a little upset if their house burned down.”

    The fire has displaced seven adults and six children. The San Diego Fire Department estimates more than $600,000 damage was done to the house. The cause is under investigation.