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Fire Destroys Santee Home



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    The early morning fire displaced a family of four.

    A Santee family is homeless after fire broke out in their duplex in Santee early Friday morning.   
    The fire started around 2 a.m. in the apartment's bathroom.

    Jeff Rushton, who lives in the home with his family, said he was awake because he couldn't sleep. He smelled smoke and quickly jumped into action.

    "I just said hey get up there's a fire, let's go," Jeffery Rushton said. "I called them.  They got here.  They worked really, really fast.  The place is thrashed, but it could've been a lot worse. They said, you know, a few more minutes, every second counts."

    Fire investigators say the fire was caused by a bathroom fan.

    Both sides of the house had to be evacuated.

    Rushton says the house is ruined inside---but he's thankful they're all ok.