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Fire Captain's Son Accused of Arson



    Fire Captain's Son Accused of Arson
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    FIre killed the wife of a firefighter and mother of four, two of whom are also firefighters.

    Today an unlikely suspect will face a judge, accused of arson and burglary in the East County. Kameron Hisaw, 19, is the son of a Lakeside fire captain.

    Investigators say the teenager is responsible for setting a pick-up truck and nearby trailer on fire in Crest on April 11.

    A quick-thinking resident stopped an arson spree in its path over the weekend.

    Fire officials said the spree began in Crest in the wee hours of Sunday when the cab of a pickup truck in the 2100 block of Eucalyptus Drive was torched. About a half-hour later, a second blaze began in a 20-foot travel trailer in the 2100 block of Crest Drive. That fire soon spread to a home nearby. Fire crews were able to extinguish the home fire before it spread inside the house.

    Not long after the second fire was sparked, a Crest resident saw a pair of suspects and ended up detaining one of them until deputies could arrive. Hisaw was arrested once deputies arrived and transported to jail to face arson and burglary charges.

    One other suspect is still on the loose.

    Hisaw's father, John, talked with a local television station and said he's disappointed in his son.

    "He wanted become a firefighter and move with that career and this is not like Kameron," Hisaw told KGTV. "He's been a good kid his whole life. This is shocking to myself and my family, especially in a job that I do, where we spend our lives protecting people and property."

    The good Samaritan asked officials to remain anonymous outside of the investigation.