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Fan Sues Stadium Security After Going Blind

He says he was sucker-punched by another fan and should have been protected



    Fan Sues Stadium Security After Going Blind
    Greg Bledsoe

    A life-long Chargers fan is suing Qualcomm Stadium security after he says he was sucker-punched by another fan and the people paid to protect fans let him down.

    Jason Brown says on Oct. 3 another fan was standing where he shouldn't be, blocking people's view. According to a lawsuit, when Brown asked a security guard to ask the fan to move, that fan started yelling making threats.

    "Threatened he was going to kill me. I was in shock," said Brown.

    Brown claims an Elite Security guard escorted the fan away, but then broke protocol by abandoning the angry fan and leaving Brown without any protection.

    "I'm focused on the game. I'm watching the game and I feel a sharp blow to the back of my head, like it was a thud," said Brown. "I had paramedics and police around me, you know, asking me questions and I'm just going, ‘I can't see’."

    Brown is a father to a four-year-old son and says this has changed his entire life.

    "It's been a humbling experience. I've had to become reliant on family members and people close to me to take care of me," said Brown. “My four-year-old boy's been a trooper. He's been a big helper."

    Jason spent the rest of the season listening to the radio.

    "I love my team. I will always love my team," he said.

    He just thinks someone else could have seen this coming.

    "Could have been prevented had the right steps and measures been implemented," said Brown.

    NBCSan Diego left two messages for the owner of Elite security, but those calls were not returned.

    Jason says doctors have told him there is a good chance he will eventually get his vision back, but are not able to say how long it might take.

    A police sketch of the man who allegedly punched Brown shows the fan had dark skin, possibly with cornrows in his hair and was at the game with a female companion. If you have any information regarding this case, call police.