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Toddler Run Down by Car Fights to Live



    At 18 months old, Izaiah Wallis was playful and curious before the traffic accident that threw him from his stroller and separated his skull from his spine.

    Now, his family waits at his bedside hoping the boy will survive the injuries he sustained in what they say was a senseless accident. 

    On Oct. 18, Izaiah was on a morning walk with his grandfather along the 4100 block of Lake Boulevard in Oceanside when an SUV plowed into the pair.
    In just seconds everything changed.
    Before the accident, Izaiah was “just a joy to be around all the time,” said Ken Wallis Wednesday evening in an exclusive interview with NBCSanDiego.
    He was just learning to talk. "To hear him say ‘grandpa’ and things like that was just a great joy,” Wallis said.
    Now, ten days later, the once-active toddler is fighting for his life in a medically induced coma.
    “[The crash] disconnected his skull from his spine and then his legs he couldn't move,” said Wallis.
    Izaiah was lifeflighted to Rady Children's Hospital, his grandfather also taken to a trauma center.
    Police said the 17-year old driver tried to flee the scene but was caught and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. It was only 9 a.m.
    “I think he should be tried as an adult. He knows better," said Wallis. "A 13-year-old knows you don’t drive and drink." 
    Izaiah's had three surgeries and there are more to come.  He remains in the Intensive Care Unit with his parents by his side. He may never be able to walk again.
    “We just want Izaiah to pull though, come out of this and be alive at least,” Wallis said.
    The teen driver is in juvenile hall and has yet to be charged.
    Izaiah's grandfather is still recovering from his injuries. Neither he nor his grandson has health insurance.  

    If you would like to help the family with Izaiah Wallis’ medical costs, you can donate to Chase Bank Account #2976220885

    Toddler Run Down by Car Fights to Live

    [DGO] Toddler Run Down by Car Fights to Live
    On October 18, police said a teenage boy, plowed his SUV into Izaiah Wallis and his grandfather in the 4100 block of Lake Boulevard in Oceanside. Izaiah was thrown from his stroller and lies in ICU suffering from critical injuries.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010)