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Sounds of F/A-18s Disturb Some Residents



    Many affectionately call military jet noise "the sound of freedom.” It's certainly a welcome sound to Marines on the ground in war zones. However, some homeowners near Brown field say the sound of an F/A-18 in the skies has become a real nuisance.

    "It looks like you could almost reach up and touch them," said Glenn Peterson, describing F/A-18's from MCAS Miramar, flying out of Brown Field.

    He's lived less than two miles from the departure end of runway 26 at Brown for 10 years, but says the jet noise has become a problem for his neighborhood.

    According to the City of San Diego's aircraft noise complaint office, there have been 180 complaints from 17 households, mostly in Otay Mesa, this year.

    Sounds of F/A-18s Disturb Some Residents

    [DGO] Sounds of F/A-18s Disturb Some Residents
    Some homeowners near Brown field say the sound of F/A-18s in the skies has become a real nuisance. NBC 7's Lea Sutton reports.
    (Published Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013)

    But according to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing ,there is a good reason: "We are protecting your right to complain," said Col. Christopher Keane, USMC, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing’s Inspector General.

    With reduced hours at their air station in Miramar, Brown field allows the Marines to train on the weekends. It also reduces the time and cost of maintenance.

    Each time an F/A-18 lands at MCAS Miramar, it requires a full inspection, but that's not the case for other fields. "By going to Brown Field, we can apply some cross-country rules, minimize the man-hours required to generate the sorties we need out of Miramar," said Keane.

    There are also specific rules pilots must follow at Brown Field.

    "After takeoff they're out of afterburner before they leave the runway, and on takeoff they're up to 4,500 as quickly as possible, and they fly a very specific route over the ground," said Keane.

    As for Glenn, Peterson, he says he knows the Marines have to fly, but he hopes they'll avoid what he calls "gunning it" over his home.

    "I would like them to go back to Miramar, but if they're not going to do that, if they would at least do whatever they do so it's not quite as loud," said Peterson.

    Brown Field is open to all military aircraft and is not solely used by the Marine Corps.

    There are numerous military aircraft that conduct operational training there. The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing says that they are responding to residents’ concerns. For example, they've re-invigorated their program to make sure pilots are following the rules for take offs and landings.

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