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Explosions Trigger Evacuations

Pool heater caused explosions



    Explosions Trigger Evacuations

    Residents of a Carmel Valley condo complex had some scary moments after a series of explosions forced an evacuation.

    It all started around noon on Sunday as residents of the Antares community on Carmel Country Road began feeling their walls shake and windows rattle.

    “Few tense moments there, it was very scary, it was loud, very loud explosions rattling the widows, it was very scary but we're all safe and sound now," resident Kelley Gage said.

    The police were called to the complex but were not about to find anything, prompting evacuations. The problem was found a short time later in a pool heater. It had been shut off, but the natural gas line had not. That buildup of natural gas was causing the booms, according to SDGE.

    After a short period residents were allowed back in their homes. No one was hurt in the incident.