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Exclusive Video of the Kookiest Prank Of All

How the giant shark came to life in Cardiff-by-the-Sea



    It happened in the early hours of the morning on July 24. Under the cover of darkness at 4 a.m., one of the biggest pranks in San Diego County history came to life.

    The controversial statue of a surfer was attacked, but not injured, by a papier-mâché shark in Cardiff.

    Four months later, the dudes behind the epic prank have released home video of their stunt. The grainy video shows nine men dwarfed by the huge Papier-mâché creation. The Shark, in two pieces, is then walked down Chesterfield Drive.

    Eric, the man behind the prank, is heard on the video giggling his way through instructions. The culprits have all been given nicknames, like Tool Guy, Dorsel Fin Guy, and Lookout Guy, who is warned to watch out for 'Five-Oh.'

    Exclusive Look At Cardiff Shark Prank

    [DGO] Exclusive Look At Cardiff Shark Prank
    An exclusive, behind the scenes look at one of the biggest pranks in San Diego history. Courtesy: FilmBarons.
    (Published Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010)

    It took the group about 15-minutes to slide the shark into place and then both sides were screwed together. The creation never actually physically touches the 'Magic Carpet Ride' statue, which has seen its share of abuse since it was erected in 2007.

    The shark was up and visible to onlookers for several days before city workers finally tore it down.

    "I have to say that I never expected that much attention. I really just wanted to do something creative. I wasn't trying to get this much hoopla around it. I just wanted it to be a creative outlet," said Eric.

    Many people feel the statue, and more specifically, the surfer's pose, is not representative of the local surfing community. Cardiff surfers say the bronze surfer, officially called the "Magic Carpet Ride," lacks proper from, including limp wrists and arms extended at odd angles.

    Over the years, the surfer has been dressed up in evening gowns, bikini tops and skirts and even a wrestling mask. During Halloween, it was adorned with a giant pumpkin head and in September took on the Mask of Zorro. Most recently, on Friday, it was dressed in military fatigues.

    The so-called “Cardiff Kook” has even gained national attention. Back in August the Wall Street Journal published a story about the controversial statue.