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Exclusive Interview With Geezer Bandit Victim

A bank teller came face to face with the bandit



    We've heard so much about the Geezer Bandit and his Facebook fans. But until now, we haven't heard from the people he has victimized during his bank robbery spree.

    "Definitely got a creepy feeling when he walked in," said bank teller Meredith, who came face to face with the bandit. 

    She doesn't want to be identified because she is afraid for her life after being robbed at gunpoint by the infamous Geezer Bandit.

    "I couldn't believe this was happening, I just wanted him to leave," Meredith said.

    Geezer Bandit Intvw

    [DGO] Geezer Bandit Intvw
    Exclusive Geezer Bandit Interview with bank teller.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010)

    She read a demand note placed on her counter by the bandit who has robbed a total of 12 banks over the past year and a half, ten of them in San Diego County. Meredith gave him all the money in her drawers. 

    "But he wanted more, he pulled out a gun. 'Go get more or I'll kill you'," the Geezer Bandit told her.

    Meredith didn't know how to react but she remained calm as she walked to another area to get more cash.

    "I got everything I had and he put it in his bag, turned around and slowly walked out the door as if nothing happened," she said.

    Meredith is positive the Geezer Bandit isn't as old as he appears.  She believes he is wearing a mask or make-up to hide his true face.

    "Artificial or plastic scars on his face, maybe," she said.

    Exactly one month later Meredith became the first victim of the Ho Hum Bandit who has robbed 15 banks so far.

    "It was like an 'are you serious,' moment. Like someone was playing a joke," she said.

    Both robberies have taken an emotional toll on Meredith who still works as a bank teller.

    "I don't know why someone needs to threaten somebody else for money. I work hard to get my money, why can't you do the same,"she said.

    Meredith is also outraged that the Geezer Bandit has a huge following on a Facebook page someone created for him.