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Escondido Couple Heated Over Oven Repairs

A retired Escondido couple called NBC 7 Responds when their new oven broke and repair attempts weren’t fixing their situation



    Escondido Couple's Oven Was a Recipe for Disaster

    One couple in Escondido bought a new oven but was surprised to see it start smoking. NBC 7's Consumer Bob has more on the multiple electricians that was needed to fix the problem. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018)

    The kitchen in your house often serves as the gathering place for friends and family. It’s a place where anticipated announcements are made and difficult decisions are pondered.

    But for one Escondido family, their newly remodeled kitchen was home for to-go containers and pizza boxes when they noticed an unusual smell wafting from their new oven and microwave unit. The family said they had bought the new unit just six months earlier.

    “It was early June, we were cooking dinner one night and it started smoking out of the corner, up where the control panel is,” says Tom Osvold.

    Tom and his wife Rose had purchased the General Electric (GE) oven and microwave at a nearby Home Depot for a little less than $2,300.

    The next day Tom called GE regarding the smoking unit and the company sent a technician out to assess the problem.

    “He said we have to do this and this,” said Tom. “And, so he did and turned it on and it wouldn’t work.”

    But the problem wasn’t fixed, so more technicians were called to Tom and Rose’s house.

    Those technicians were also unable to fix the problem.

    Tom called GE back and they agreed to now send an engineer to look at the problem.

    “He went right to work. Within 20 minutes he had four motherboards pulled out and he said these are all wrong,” said Tom.

    The only problem, Tom told NBC 7 Responds, the motherboards would take a month to arrive.

    Tom called again but the delivery date stayed the same. That’s when he called NBC 7 Responds for help.

    “GE responded and told us they would take the broken unit back and get us a new one, when [NBC 7 Responds] contacted them.”

    Tom and Rose have received their new oven and microwave and are now cooking with gas, or rather electric.

    In an email, a spokesperson for GE Appliances said, “GE Appliances works very hard to ensure that any issues our customers may have are resolved quickly. We apologize for the difficulty the Osvolds experienced during their efforts to have their microwave repaired and will replace their microwave with a new unit at no cost to them.”