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Elephants March Through Old Town

Delayed circus display transported by hoof



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    A group of elephants stopped traffic on West Washington St. Wednesday morning.

    Eight circus elephants and 24 horses were guided through Old Town at about 8 a.m. on their way to the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

    The large, decorated animals were scheduled to appear earlier Wednesday morning, but were delayed by an overnight freight train accident in Little Italy.

    They were transported on the Ringling Brothers’ Blue Unit train, which is more than a mile long.

    Due to the accident, the clown cars and additional circus animals could not accompany the elephants and horses on their march.

    The circus begins on July 14 and will continue through July 17 at the Valley View Casino Center, located at 3500 Sports Arena Boulevard.

    For ticket information, check the circus website or Ticketmaster.

    Ed. note: An earlier version of the script incorrectly identified the location of the parade and circus. We have corrected and regret the error.