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El Niño in San Diego

El Niño in San Diego

Coverage of the weather phenomenon and what it means for San Diego

El Nino’s Impact on San Diego’s Coast

Researchers are seeking the public's help to document the impact of El Nino on the coastline



    El Nino’s Impact on San Diego’s Coast

    Scientists say larger than normal waves are having a negative impact on our beaches. NBC 7’s Candice Nguyen reports. (Published Monday, March 14, 2016)

    Local scientists say this year’s El Nino is having a big impact on San Diego’s coastline, and they need the public’s help keeping track of it.

    Although there hasn't been a massive amount of rain, local researchers say people have to think about the waves and the impact they're having on the coastline, beaches and estuaries.

    Researchers with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System say that amid El Nino conditions the waves have been bigger than usual and may even be affecting human health.

    A big challenge ahead of them is translating their research to decision makers, like city and county leaders, which they say will take time.

    They’re also reaching out to the public because they say they need the public's help to keep an eye on these coastal changes.

    “Citizens can take photographs of the coastline and we're actually asking for photos from both low tide and high tide because we want to get those flooding events,” Sarah Giddings, assistant professor of oceanography at UC San Diego told NBC 7.

    People who want to help out can look up two programs called Urban Tide Initiative and Storm Photo.