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El Cajon Mother Talks About Deadly Rampage



    Alyssa Rakov has lost everything she loved. 

    Rakov 's 14-month-old daughter Rhilee and her mother Beverli Rakov died when Rakov's estranged husband went on a rampage.

    "My mom was my best friend and my daughter was my world," Rakov said with tears streaming down her face.

    El Cajon police investigators believe Kevin Collier shot and killed Rhilee and Beverli at their home on Prince Street in El Cajon Sunday.

    El Cajon Rampage Victim Speaks

    [DGO] El Cajon Rampage Victim Speaks
    Alyssa Rakov lost her infant daughter and her mother in a violent shooting and rampage in El Cajon on Aug. 21. She tells Tony Shin how she's lost everything.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011)

    Collier then shot El Cajon Police Officer Jarred Slocum as he hid behind a truck.  Slocum is recovering at Sharp Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

    Before Collier died, he burned Rakov's childhood home, destroying everything.

    "I grew up in the house that is no longer a house, so not only are my daughter's pictures gone, but my whole family's pictures are gone," said Rakov.  "I don't have any proof they existed because he took that from me too."

    Rakov says she was at a friend's house when Collier began his shooting spree.  "I didn't obviously know what was going to happen that day," Rakov said.  "He thought I was going to be there."

    Rakov also lost all of her clothing, but friends and other family members are helping her.  She is grateful for all the support.

    A fundraiser is planned Thursday, 6 to 10 p.m. at Hooley's Irish Pub and Grill in Rancho San Diego. Some of the money will go to paying funeral expenses.

    Rakov would appreciate clothing, size 0 or 1, gift cards or money.

    But what she really wants are pictures of her family.

    "I would just like if anyone has pictures of me or my daughter, If you guys could bring them, so I could have them, " said Rakov.

    "I don't have any memories anymore."