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East County Courthouse Closed



    East County Courthouse Closed
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    The East County Courthouse closed Tuesday after a short circuit in the electrical system left the building without power.

    The short caused the building's smoke detectors to sound, but firefighters were unable to locate a fire, court officials said.

    Power could have been restored to the complex, but building engineers say they were unsure where the short was and if another outage would occur, said Karen Dalton, spokesperson for the San Diego Superior Court.

    All court business is cancelled for the day. People scheduled to appear in court for misdemeanor arraignments or traffic cases should return to the courthouse within the next seven calendar days to have their case heard, officials said. Individuals scheduled for jury duty in El Cajon should call the Jury Commissioner's office at 619-450-5757.

    Court officials expect to reopen the building on Wednesday.