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Earless Puppies Find Forever Homes



    Earless Puppies Find Forever Homes

    The cuddly duo, named Sunny and Cher departed ways for the very last time on Tuesday.

    The two puppies had their ears savagely cut off and were abandoned on either side of the border. Now, after more than a month in recovery, the pair has been give a bill of clean health and adopted into two new loving homes.

    Penny Scarbrough saw Sunny's story over Thanksgiving and said she fell in love. Scarbrough is a teacher and said it provoked her to discuss animal abuse with her class, but she kept thinking I want to be that dog's mommy. When it came time to apply, Scarbrough said she decorated her application with stickers and some of the kids in her class wrote letters to County Animal Control.

    "I thought I gotta stand out, because there will be hundreds of great families who want this dog," Scarbrough said. "Cher is a dog that just needs love, like my students."

    Earless Puppy Heals in Foster Care: Raw Video

    [DGO] Earless Puppy Heals in Foster Care: Raw Video
    The pup found in the bottom of a dumpster, after having his ears viciously hacked off is now spending his days in a local hair salon.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010)

    More than 100 applications were turned in for a chance to give the two puppies a home, Animal Control said. Officers said they evaluated each application and the adoptive families were chosen on their ability to provide the best care for each puppy.

    Sunny and Cher were both found in November with their ears sliced off. Sunny was found at a Target in Mission Valley, but Cher was discovered in Tijuana. Officiers believe the dogs are littermates.

    Cher was being cared for at a Tijuana veterinary hospital until early December, when a worker from that facility brought her over the border in the hopes that Cher could "become a part of the adoption process" already under way for her littermate, which animal-services workers had taken to calling Sunny

    Sunny's medical care was covered by the department's Spirit Fund, which helps the department care for animals with special medical needs. If you would like to donate to the fund, contact the department of animal services.

    There are several other dogs waiting to go to a forever home, take the time to check out the other animals available for adoption at your local county shelter.