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Dumanis for Mayor?



    Dumanis for Mayor?
    Bonnie Dumanis.

    District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis wants to be the next mayor of San Diego.

    The two-term chief prosecutor, who started her career as a clerk typist, says her stewardship of an office with a $100 million budget and nearly 1,000 employees has prepared her well for the mayor's job.

    "Thanks to sound fiscal policies and increased efficiency, the District Attorney's office has been able to weather the current economic crisis without layoffs or disruption to our public safety," Dumanis said in a statement released by her campaign Thursday morning. "I changed the way we did business in the District Attorney's office. I know I can do the same at City Hall."

    Veteran political consultant John Dadian says Dumanis will be a strong candidate in the June, 2012 primary election for mayor.

    Dumanis for Mayor?

    [DGO] Dumanis for Mayor?
    The District Attorney says her position has prepared her well for the job.
    (Published Thursday, March 10, 2011)

    Her law enforcement background "really plays well for any type of legislative office, and of course, our current mayor is a former police chief," said Dadian.

    But Dadian says Dumanis faces a very strong field of contenders, including Carl DeMaio, Bob Filner, Nathan Fletcher, Steve Francis and Christine Kehoe.

    That means each of two candidates who advance from the primary election to the run-off could do so with less than fifteen percent of the total vote.

    "Any of the candidates that we're talking about are clearly viable to get that hardcore 10 to 15 percent of the vote," Dadian predicts.