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Dumanis Announces Child Protection Program

District Attorney says the protocol will protect victim witnesses



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    District Attorney and mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis announced a new protocol Tuesday designed to protect child witnesses from being interviewed by multiple agencies.

    The "Child Victim Witness Protocol" is meant to further reduce trauma for child victims by coordinating joint investigations into child molest and abuse cases.

    The protocol will limit the number of time a child is interviewed.

    "Most children are victims by no fault of their own," Dumanis said Tuesday. "If they are lucky enough to survive, they are then asked to relive this ordeal over and over again on the witness-stand."

    She said this process often traumatizes children.

    "Sometimes they are so fragile, they are unable to testify."

    San Diego was one of first counties in nation to have a program for law enforcement agencies and community partners to collaborate.

    The protocol is expected to be signed tomorrow.