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Dozens Trapped on Stuck Coaster



    Dozens Trapped on Stuck Coaster

    Rescue crews were called to Great America in Santa Clara Monday afternoon in response to reports of 28 people stuck on a roller coaster.

    Images from news helicopters above the scene show dozens of people stuck on the ride several stories above ground.  The park said the ride was having a problem with its "lift chain" and no one was any immediate danger. Crews were working to fix the problem.

    Half of the riders are leaning back and the other half are stuck leaning forward in their seats with their legs dangling. Fire crews are up on a platform near the riders.

    Some of the passengers are holding bottles of water. 

    The passenger at the very bottom of the ride are being tended to by rescue crews on a cherry picker.

    The ride is the Invertigo, which is a roller coaster.  It's a hot day in the South Bay with temperatures in the 90s.  Any time trapped on a roller coaster would be uncomfortable to say the least.

    Invertigo is North America's first inverted face-to-face roller coaster. 

    The Web site describes it this way:  "Face fear - and your friends, as you race through loops and boomerangs, and then back again! First you're pulled up 138 feet above the ground. Then, speed down the lift, and shoot up into a "boomerang," a 180-degree turn with double inverted side-winders. Exploding out of the boomerang, head into a 72-foot-high vertical loop before rocketing to the top of the second 138-foot lift. You'll have just enough time to catch your breath before you do the whole thing again in the opposite direction."