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We Ignored Signs of Violence: Victim's Family



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    The three daughters of Deborah Gotell, the 57-year old woman fatally shot Saturday afternoon on a downtown street corner, say the man accused in the shooting had made threatening statements in the past.

    "I don't feel like honestly we took it seriously enough," said daughter Tahirah Tuesday afternoon.

    Deborah Gotell, 57, was shot in the head and arm about 2:15 p.m. on a sidewalk just north of San Diego’s congested Gaslamp area, police said.

    Her husband, Joseph Gotell, 83, was arrested shortly after allegedly firing several rounds about 2:15 p.m. on Fifth Avenue and Broadway.

    Woman Dies After Downtown Shooting: Family

    [DGO] Woman Dies After Downtown Shooting: Family
    A woman shot in the head after a loud argument on a downtown street corner Saturday afternoon has died according to a family member.
    (Published Monday, May 16, 2011)

    Deborah Gotell’s daughters shared their painful story hoping others will see the signs of emotional and mental abuse before it's too late.

    The victim's youngest daughter Jael, now 20, seemed to struggle the most.

    Shortly after her mother married Gotell she says he pitted them against each other, and she was forced to move out to live with friends.

    Phone Video Captured Moments After Downtown Shooting

    [DGO] Phone Video Captured Moments After Downtown Shooting
    A 57-year-old woman suffered critical injuries when her husband shot her in the head and arm Saturday afternoon on a busy downtown street, police said.
    (Published Sunday, May 15, 2011)

    "He didn't allow her to go to my graduation," Jael said.

    She says he'd even threatened her before. She had filed a Chula Vista police report.

    While Saturday's downtown shooting may have been the first time he carried out the violence, it wasn't the first sign of trouble.

    "He called my phone threatening me if I don't bring her back he's gonna get me, he knows where I work, he knows where I go to school," Jael said.

    Despite the trouble, daughter Nefera said, ""I don't think it was ever to the point where we all together collectively said mom you have to leave this person."

    Witnesses reported seeing Joseph Gotell and Deborah Gotell involved in a physical altercation before Joseph Gotell lifted up his shirt, pulled out a gun and fired.

    He then dropped the gun and casually walked from the scene before hotel security guards detained him, witnesses said.

    He is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.