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Don't Mess With My Google

The Goog goes back to basics



    Don't Mess With My Google

    Change is good, right? Well, maybe it's true in some cases but not when it comes to the world's most popular web search engine.

    Google's home page has gone back to basics after users griped about a promotional stunt that wrapped colorful photos around the usually basic-looking page.

    Although the Mountain View-based search giant whose name has become a verb changes up their logo from time to time as part of their Google Doodle project, the decorative background seemed to be just too much for users. The complaints poured in Thursday when visitors were greeted with full-screen photos of sand dunes, flowers and other artistry instead of the website's familiar white background.

    The imagery was meant to draw attention to a new tool that Google introduced last week to allow people to customize the page with their own photos. The decorations have worked well for Microsoft, whose Bing search engine features a new photo each day.

    The one thing missing from Google's day-long experiment was an explanation to users. the company blamed the missing explainer on "a bug."

    But Google's one-day gimmick upset a lot of people who thought the change might be permanent, prompting a switch back the site's Spartan look.