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Don’t Forget the Babysitter

Bill would extend labor rights to domestic workers such as babysitters and nannies



    Don’t Forget the Babysitter

    Sure some babysitters are mistreated by the brats they watch – but one legislator believes their employers could also be mistreating them.

    Assembly Bill 889 would ensure that all domestic workers have the same rights as other California workers.

    The bill, authored by Assmeblymember Tom Ammiano (D-SF), would require domestic workers to keep careful track of their hours so that they receive overtime pay, meal and rest breaks and compensation if they arrive to work and their employer has cancelled or reduce their hours.

    The bill has been suspended but will be voted on as early as January.

    Among the bill’s provisions, live-in workers such as nannies must be given eight hours of “uninterrupted sleep,” except in an emergency. The live-in worker would also be allowed to use the kitchen if they work for five hours or more.

    As for that Friday-night babysitter – parents would be required to pay them at least minimum wage, and provide 30 minute meal breaks after five hours or working, and 10 minute rest breaks after four hours of work.

    The Senate’s analysis of the bill estimates that there are about 200,000 domestic work employees in California that would be affected by the bill. They cited a report, which found that child care workers, garment workers, maids and housekeepers had high rates of minimum wage violations.