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Dolphin Rescued Off La Jolla Coast

Dolphin was entangled in some fishing line



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    NBC 7 San Diego
    SeaWorld's rescue team and lifeguards worked to free the entangled dolphin.

    A dolphin was freed from fishing line off the coast of La Jolla on Friday morning, according to San Diego lifeguards.

    Around 10 a.m. a kayaker spotted the small dolphin entangled in fishing line one mile off the coast of Scripps Pier.

    Aerial view of the three-foot dolphin showed it was swimming in an unusual pattern while it tried to rid itself of the line.

    “He was just a little guy and in peril, he was getting pretty tired,” said lifeguard Marcus Schreiber.

    SeaWorld's animal team and lifeguards took a boat out to to rescue the dolphin. They were able to temporarily catch it, snap off the fishing line and release it back to the ocean.