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Dogs Shipped to SD for Adoption

San Diego's Labrador and Friends decided to help Tracy Voss in her efforts to save dogs from euthanization



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    If your family is looking for a new dog, one Texas animal group is transporting Labradors from San Antonio to San Diego.

    Tracy Voss, co-founder of TracysDogs an animal rescue operation located in San Antonio, Texas for dogs Voss said are considered “throw aways” in her city.

    Voss and other volunteers shipped about 10 dogs to San Diego. The animals along with some very tired drivers arrived Tuesday afternoon.

    San Diego resident Summer Cremo, a teacher and volunteer of the local rescue organization Labrador and Friends, first met Voss in March 2011 after watching YouTube videos about dogs in San Antonio being euthanized after just 72 hours in custody.

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    Cremo adopted a black Lab from Voss and the two stayed connected.

    When Voss started her own nonprofit, Cremo volunteered to help her.

    The two worked together to transport the dogs to San Diego hoping to place them in happy homes.

    Four of the dogs have been placed in homes here in San Diego. The rest of the dogs are still with volunteers or foster homes and are looking for families.

    Over the years, Voss has received lots of applications from the San Diego area for Labradors.

    She states that a good majority of these requests are for Lab or mixed breeds.

    She has sent only one couple to San Diego so far, but she plans to send as many as possible because she is tired of watching 70 percent of the dogs that come to San Antonio Animal Care Services being put down.

    Voss told one local Texas television station that her organization would do more rescues if they had their own transportation.

    For more information, click here for TracysDogs and here for Labradors and Friends.