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Dog Fight Over Dog Park



    Dog Fight Over Dog Park
    An Italian Cane Corsoi Mastif.

    It's the pooches versus the paddlers. 

    A proposal to reduce the current 93 acres of gated, off-leash land to 87 on Fiesta Island is creating controversy once again.

    The city of San Diego is putting together a major redevelopment plan for Fiesta Island. Paddlers want part of the land, while dog lovers want to preserve their portion for themselves.

    Land taken away from dogs would be used for a road, parking lot and watercraft storage for canoers, kayakers and dragon boaters.
    Over the years, the plan had gone through numerous revisions.

    On Tuesday, three city council members sided with dog owners, suggesting moving the proposed paddling area to Mission Bay's South Shores.

    On Tuesday night, both sides went before the Mission Bay Park Committee, which advises on the development and use of the area.

    "It's wrong, it's wrong. It's not about the acreage; it's about the distribution.  Taxpayers shouldn’t have to deal with this burden either," Carolyn Chase with Fiesta Island Dog Owners (FIDO) said to the members.

    The members voted 6-2 in favor of the paddlers.

    "My reaction was one of relief. It shouldn't be divisive. I mean what we all learned in kindergarten is sharing and it's a San Diego resource. We are all good citizens and we should all be willing to share our resources," said paddler Les Hopper.

    Still members of Fiesta Island Dog Owners plan to keep fighting.

    "I feel like we still have an opportunity to try and get our goals met, so I am just thinking positively about it," Alise Shatoff said.
    Despite the vote Tuesday night, the debate continues. It must goes through several subcommittees before finally reaching the city council.