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Desperate For Answers in Daughter's Death



    Desperate For Answers in Daughter's Death

    John Gardner's attorney said Gardner will talk to the families of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois after his sentencing on May 14.

     But, Amber's mother, Carrie McGonigle said she wants answers now.
    McGonigle said, "You know it's been 15 months, 15 months and one day at sentencing and we don’t have answers. I need the answers for closure.”
    McGonigle wants to ask John Gardner, the man who admitted to killing her daughter a list of questions.
    But her requests to see him in jail have been denied.
    "At 4:30 pm on Friday I was informed I was put on a 'no visit' list by law enforcement and I wouldn’t be able to go visit,” McGonigle said.
    She wrote an email to Gardner's attorney, Michael Popkins asking why.
    On Saturday in response, he wrote in part, "Mr.Gardner has expressed a willingness to speak to both families privately and answer any questions you may have....Please respect that I must do my job and not allow Mr.Gardner to speak to anyone prior to sentencing."
    McGonigle said, “I wouldn't be able to go to the sentencing and give a victims statement without having some answers. Afterwards he might say, ‘you know what? I am taking this to my grave I am never going to give the families the answers that they want.”
    Despite her denied requests for a jailhouse meeting, McGonigle says she will continue to try.
    “For me that's the type of person I am, I need answers.”
    Gardner's attorneys have no comment on this matter. Amber's father, Moe Dubois and Chelsea King's parents, Brent and Kelly King, said they have no desire to speak to Gardner in private.