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Desert Rain ‘Too Little Too Late’ For Blooms

Desert wildflowers did not grace Anza Borrego this year



    Desert Rain ‘Too Little Too Late’ For Blooms
    Robert Rossi
    Though the wildflowers did not bloom this Spring, visitors can still see Ocotillos in Coyote Canyon of Anza Borrego State Park.

    The Anza Borrego Desert looks bleak this spring, void of its usual display of desert wildflowers.

    The region saw rainfall far below normal this year, so visitors to the state park will hardly see any blossoms, according to one employee at the Anza Borrego Visitor’s Center.

    While a storm early March did bring some moisture to the area, it was unfortunately too little too late to produce many wildflowers.

    The desert bloom usually lasts between February and March and features colorful arrays of annuals and perennials. Last year’s bloom got an early start, but a February frost cut short the spectacle.

    While the usual blossoms are absent this season, Ocotillos, shrubs and some cacti still have plenty to show. Ocotillos displayed green leaves and bright red blossoms throughout the state park. At the visitor’s center, rusted-red flowers appeared out of beavertail cacti and Wolf’s Cholla.

    Some more thorough hunting may yield the occasional barrel bloom.

    This weekend and next mark the very end of the season. While the year’s rainfall left much to be desired in the way of wildflowers, other rare beauties make the trip still worthwhile.

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