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Dear Parents: Send Us Some Money

Schools depending on donations



    Dear Parents: Send Us Some Money Hodgson
    A teacher in La Jolla was slated to lose his job to budget cuts until the Foundation of La Jolla High School ponied up thousands of dollars for his salary.

    As local schools face tighter budgets, some school administrators are depending on more donations from parents to cover expenses.

    Thousands of dollars that would have funded extra projects and programs before are now used to cover daily expenses like school supplies and teachers’ salaries.  Parents from La Jolla High School raised about $190,000 to help pay for teachers salaries and programs.

    "The school shouldn't have to be half private and half public," La Jolla High School principal, Dana Shelburne said.

    Shelburne met with education directors about the budget Wednesday. Parents are apparently growing more frustrated.

     “Once a position is eliminated, if PTA starts funding it, they will just keep on coming back to the PTA instead of finding the right revenue sources,” PTA president Cindy McIntyre said.

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger warned Tuesday that funding in education could be cut by $2 billion to $4 billion dollars as a result of the budget crisis.