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DeMaio Calls Out Fletcher Campaign Money

$600 donated by past leaders accused of causing city's financial crisis



    DeMaio Calls Out Fletcher Campaign Money

    San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio called on rival Nathan Fletcher to return campaign contributions he got from from former mayor Dick Murphy and former city manager Jack McGrory.

    DeMaio cited the political donor's involvement in salary and benefit increases 10 years ago that set the groundwork for the city's financial crisis.

    McGrory, who retired in 1997, gave Fletcher's primary campaign $500. Murphy, who resigned a year into his second term in 2005, donated $100.

    DeMaio says their failed leadership is something Fletcher should acknowledge by giving back their money.

    A spokeswoman for Fletcher's campaign labled DeMaio's tactic "petty and dishonest," pointing out that McGrory has been solicited to donate $250 to DeMaio's campaign.

    Team DeMaio said the email was sent by an intern, and they weren't aware that happened. In any case, DeMaio said he would not have accepted the money had it been given.

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