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Damaged Hydrant Caused Mudslide



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    Monica Dean
    A car backing into a hydrant Monday around 11 p.m. caused the hydrant to shoot out enough water that the hill behind a Scripps Ranch business collapsed.

    Workers spent Tuesday cleaning up after a broken fire hydrant triggered a mudslide and sent water and debris crashing into a Scripps Ranch business.

    "When I got here water was really flowing down fast and it flowed all the way down into, that's Home Depot Headquarters, that's their parking lot," said Dave Dehaan, president of Dye Paintball.

    Dehaan got the call around 11 p.m. Monday night and when he arrived, the front parking lot looked more like a pond.

    A night-cleaning employee at the business on the hill above backed over a high-pressure hydrant sending thousands of gallons of water streaming down the hill and into Dye paintball on Scripps Summit Court.

    "It just brought down a lot of trees debris rocks mud and made a big mess and it made its way into the back of the building," said Dehaan.

    It took nearly an hour to turn off the water.

    Touring the damage, the loading dock was an illusion Tuesday morning. The water was three feet deep.

    When water rushed through the company's retractable doors, it pushed debris into the warehouse damaging thousands of dollars worth of paintball products.

    Crews suctioned water off the floor and cleaned under shelves filled with wet merchandise. All around the building crews pumped the water out, unveiling the extent of the muddy mess.

    "I look at it like, no one's hurt and there's a lot of people in the world that are dealing with a lot worse than this," said Dehaan. "These things happen it's just part of owning a business."

    City crews said they will examine how they might reinforce the hillside to prevent further landslides.

    Executives with the paintball company estimate the total damage to be around $200,000.