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Crook Hit 30 Homes While Residents Slept

Many of the victims heard suspicious noises, but didn't call police.



    Crook Hit 30 Homes While Residents Slept

    While residents were sleeping soundly, police say a serial burglar crept into about 30 homes in El Cajon since last fall.

    The latest hot prowl happened Saturday, November 21 near the intersection of Rebecca and Granite Hills.

    “In earlier cases, the suspect committed several burglaries in the same area over a few days and would not strike again for some time,” Lt. Tim Henton said.

    This latest case is the first time the crook had struck since September, according to investigators, who believe the suspect may be someone who visits the area on a regular basis and is familiar with the neighborhoods where the crimes are being committed.

    “The suspect commonly takes small items such as wallets and purses, and enters homes through unlocked doors and windows,” Lt. Henton said.

    Investigators are reminding people to lock their doors and windows, especially at night, and to be aware of their surroundings.

    “During many of the incidents, victims reported hearing suspicious noises during the night, but failed to call the police,” Lt. Henton said.