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Crime Takes A Holiday In San Diego

San Diego is one of the safest big cities in the U.S.



    Crime Takes A Holiday In San Diego
    Mark Leimbach
    The San Diego skyline at sunrise shot by NBCSanDiego news photographer Mark Leimbach.

    Crime is down in San Diego-- way down.

    Mayor Jerry Sanders announced wednesday, the city's crime rate was the lowest it's been since John F. Kennedy was President. All crime was down last year.

    The single biggest drop was for murder. There were 29 murders in San Diego compared to 41 in 2009.

    Rapes were down six-percent.  Robberies dropped 14-percent. Burglary, theft and property crimes were also down.

    Mayor Sanders credits good police work.  "Police are staying ahead of criminals by using DNA and other technology to solve crimes more efficiently," said the Mayor. "They're cracking down on gang members through efforts such as last year's Operation Winter Storm, a six-month operation that took 47 documented gang members off the streets of San Diego."

    Police Chief  William Lansdowne also credited truancy and curfew sweeps, because juveniles are less likely to commit crimes or become victims of crime, if they're home and not out on the streets.