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Coyote, Bobcat Seen in Rancho Santa Fe



    Coyote, Bobcat Seen in Rancho Santa Fe
    Courtesy of James McCaughan
    James McCaughan took this picture of a coyote and bobcat in Rancho Santa Fe on Thursday, Aug. 9.

    A coyote and bobcat were spotted in the backside of Rancho Santa Fe yesterday morning – and they weren’t exactly being friendly with each other.

    James McCaughan, a wildlife trapper for All Wild Animal Control and Rescue, snapped the picture of the wild animals in attack position on Thursday morning.

    He was called to a house in Rancho Santa Fe after a homeowner reported seeing the animals near their house. The owner initially thought she saw a mountain lion.

    Once McCaughan arrived at the scene, the homeowner made a noise causing the animals to flee. But he was still able to snap the photo.

    “That’s a one in a time picture, you don’t get to see that very often,” he told NBC 7 San Diego.

    McCaughan estimated that the coyote was around 80 pounds and the bobcat around 60 pounds.

    He also said there’s one surefire way to prevent bobcats, coyotes or mountain lions from coming near the house.

    “An adult male human can urinate around the yard, it’s like marking your territory,” McCaughan said. “People don’t like hearing that… but it’s very effective.”

    He also said if people see these animals near their home and wish to hire an animal expert, it’s crucial that they are certified by Fish and Game – or else they could face a hefty fine.

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