Could the Vacant Pernicano's in Hillcrest Be Sold? - NBC 7 San Diego

Could the Vacant Pernicano's in Hillcrest Be Sold?



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    Chances are you’ve seen this dilapidated, vacant building in Hillcrest. After all, it’s been there for nearly 30 years.

    Now, sources from city hall have told NBC 7 that the owners of Pernicano's Restaurant want to sell it.

    The Pernicano's restaurant and parking lot on Sixth Avenue between University and Robinson Avenues closed in 1985, locked up tight with six-foot fences surrounding the complex.

    There were signs of life four years ago when the eatery’s parking lot opened. At that point, a spokesman for the owner said it was the first step in a redevelopment of the block.

    Still, the building remained vacant ever since and has drawn attention over the years, as some have wanted to legally shut it down using neighborhood codes of compliance.

    Opened in 1950, the restaurant was a staple in the San Diego community, and very popular with Hollywood celebrities.

    We’ve reached out to the owners of the pizzeria, but have not heard back.